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Logo to DnD With Dee

Welcome, Traveler!

D&D With Dee presents Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition,

one of the best-known and most popular

tabletop roleplaying games ever made.

D&D With Dee offers players (ages 8-17+) the opportunity to learn or enhance their skills in 5th Edition. On the way, they can learn leadership, practice problem-solving and forge friendships. 

New to the Game?

No worries!

Learning-by-doing is a great way to get to know D&D 5e rules!

D&D 5e is a social game where enduring friendships (as well as adventures) can begin, and where players are willing to share what they know.

Inclusion and Support

Everyone is welcome!

D&D With Dee strives to provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space for ALL players.

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